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do you have a special fondness for lucifer and the fallen? don’t worry, these are not satanic. We have some of the best fallen angel tattoos for you!

Fallen angel tattoos are very popular with tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

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the fallen angels are the documented proof of what happens when you go against god, you are a witness to hell. but what if we only care about the bad side?

fallen angels are so named because of their fall from perfection giving way to vicious feelings. the rebellion that cast them out of heaven resulted not only in physical loss but in a greater loss of innocence and faith. Since then the angels have been suffering and looking for the opportunity to repent and achieve God’s forgiveness. The meaning of a fallen angel tattoo could signal the struggle one faces, a longing to return to the ideal state, or even signify deep personal loss. However, like any other piece of body art, fallen angel tattoos vary in perception from person to person. Generally, these tattoos contain a part of shock, but there are also variations on this. Read on to find some of the best designs we’ve selected to get you started!

fallen angel from a canvas

French painter alexandre cabanel‘s depiction of a fallen, weeping angel has garnered a plethora of appreciation from art lovers. the tattoo artist here tries to bring out the true essence of the painting in this piece. the color gradient stays as it is with the paint. This micro-realistic fallen angel tattoo on your forearm is the best possible place.

the fall

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This fallen angel is morally fallen and experiencing the physical fall. Biblical descriptions of the fall from heaven is a mortifying ordeal: a bottomless fall, into an endless pit that is sure to leave one feeling empty and desolate. here, the angel tries to grasp the last shred of hope and light that he was to see before an eternity of dark hell. the sentiments of this piece are noticeably enhanced by the halo created with dots and the outstretched fingers wanting to grab hold.

fallen angel tattoo on the back

We have all faced the loss of innocence and the ideal state of heaven in our personal spheres. this portrait of the angel with his head inclined attempts to reiterate the same sentiment. the dark shading of the piece with its fading luminescence on the wings seems to highlight the intensity of the loss. This fallen angel tattoo on the back is a good choice for anyone who wants to make peace with their struggles through art.

fallen angel inspirational tattoo

This fallen angel tattoo around the collarbone area is brilliantly painted with fine line and shading techniques. curiously, the fallen angel does not seem to be in mourning, but looks up and hopes to get closer to the ideal. this tattoo is hopeful and shows the more optimistic side of autumn. only when someone has fallen can you really appreciate growth.

minimal fallen angel tattoo

This tattoo design represents the fallen angel of Cabanel but according to the minimal fashion of contemporary times. here, the tattooist follows the contours to show the suffering angel while keeping the minimalism intact. As with almost all minimal tattoos, this fallen angel tattoo would look amazing on the forearm or just above the elbow.

fallen angel tattoo with snakes

Angel tattoos for men don’t necessarily have to be dark and all over the place. here is a good alternative to what conventional designs present. bound with snakes and in a defeated position, the angel hits rock bottom when he lands in hell. The intricate details of this angel’s wings offer a beautiful contrast to the relatively simple body. you can place this design on your arm, or on your chest as shown in the image.

fallen angel tattoo on the forearm

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It is a general idea that tattoos on the forearm must be delicate and attractive to be placed there. however, it is a common mistake and there are many cases that prove otherwise. This fallen angel tattoo design gathers its many complications and wraps them in a composite package to show the opposite. it is the fallen angel of the cabanel painting but now with abstract motifs and fallen angel wings. Tattoo designs depicting a fallen angel full of shading and dot work usually keep the background mundane or with only minimal patterns. here the artist includes spiral lines that could resemble clouds as they fall.

fallen angel tattoo sleeve

This fallen angel tattoo is for men who love to show off a full sleeve tattoo on their skin. this design portrays a female angel with her self bruised, feeling lost with the recent loss of innocence which the artist aptly portrays. the background of this tattoo design alludes to the various interpretations of the sky that we find since time immemorial. This fallen angel tattoo design can be meaningful for everyone who is struggling with their problems and often falls back into disappointment and hopelessness.

fallen angel tattoo with anger

Not all fallen angels suffer, not all who suffer seem to have fallen. This dichotomy could also be found in the myth of the fallen angels. Most of the angels suffer and wander in search of redemption, with one exception being Lucifer. This fallen angel tattoo features Lucifer with his devilish eyes plotting another move against God. however, at stake this time are the first humans who lose the garden of eden and are cast out of their blissful existence. Man and woman are also shown to be experiencing the fall when they gave way to evil. This design is made even more attractive by the fine line work on the wings and body of the fallen angel. You could also magnify this idea and tattoo it on your back.

fallen angel tattoo with skulls

fallen angel tattoos inherently come in their dark shrouds as the artist tries to stay close to the theme of fall. Similarly, in this fallen angel tattoo, we see the angel shrinking in on himself as he falls into the midst of death and desolation. Hollow skulls and ghastly handprints further add to the mystery of the tattoo and make it one of the best fallen angel tattoos out there. Featuring brilliant shading and line work, this fallen angel tattoo design can also be placed on the calf for a larger surface area.

fallen angel tattoos look good on both men and women. These tattoos are versatile and contain various depths of meaning. This tattoo has seen a recent surge in popularity with overwhelming love from both men and women for Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer Morningstar. Body art lovers already love this bold and poignantly beautiful concept of portraying fallen angels and tend to keep experimenting with newer and more creative designs. Here are some ideas on fallen angel tattoos that might give you some relief:

  1. dark fallen angel tattoo on calf
  2. fallen angel tattoo with wings and tattered limbs
  3. fallen angel in flames tattoo
  4. elaborate fallen angel tattoo on the back
  5. lovely fallen angel tattoo
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