52 Matching Sister Tattoo Ideas You&039ll Love

Are you and your sister thinking of getting tattooed together and looking for inspiration?

if so, you have landed in the right place, because today we are looking at 52 sister tattoo ideas.

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Our goal was to create a list that included something for everyone.

We have options for people who prefer unique, small and meaningful sister tattoos, and others for women who prefer a bigger, bolder and more direct approach.

should i get a matching tattoo with my sister?

Are matching tattoos a good idea?

Ultimately, it’s your decision. you must live with them. But to help you make up your mind, let’s go through a list of pros and cons.


  • Having an artistic bond with your sister is wonderful.
  • Placing the tattoo in a visible location, such as a forearm, can be a constant and positive reminder of the relationship shared with you and your sister.
  • Tattoos allow people to express themselves.
  • cons

    • Getting one can hurt. however, many people don’t mind needles.
    • It’s not easy to remove a tattoo, nor is it cheap. So what if you don’t like your choice in 10 years?
    • we hope you and your sister never have a big fight. but what happens if you do?
    • what is the symbol of the brotherhood?

      Sibling symbols are not as ubiquitous as family symbols, but there are some examples from various cultures. let’s look at four.

      Celtic knot

      The “Celtic knot” is the best known symbol of brotherhood. It comes from Irish tradition, but the phrase “Celtic knot” is a bit misleading as there are many types of “Celtic knots”.

      Many people wear a stylized “triquetra,” or triple spiral, woven together with a heart to represent brotherhood. the three parts of the triquetra represent the three stages of femininity: maiden, mother, and wise woman.

      soul sister symbol

      Some African-American women wear the “soul sister” emblem. Stylistic and elegant, the design is essentially two “s” shapes crossing each other. it almost conveys a musical quality.

      traditional Chinese characters

      In traditional Chinese, the characters associated with brotherhood are:

      • — older sister
      • — younger sister
      • however, it is important to get the characters exactly right. a minor alteration could completely change the meaning.

        pictogram of the sister of the native peoples of the plains

        The symbol of the sisters of the Plains First Nations peoples is two “stick people xs” side by side.

        52 matching sister tattoo ideas you’ll love

        To help people who are looking for cute tattoos for sisters, we have selected this list of matching tattoos for sisters.

        1. cashmere yin yang

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        paisley yin-yang symbols are pretty and versatile. complete them however you want and represent things unique to your relationship. you and your brother can get the same full set, or you can each get half.

        2. sister flower

        3. childhood memory

        This adorable matching sisterhood tattoo is perfect for a pair of sisters with fond memories of a simpler time when tree swings were your thing and your sister was always by your side.

        4. side by side or miles apart

        5. evergreen family trees

        These matching sister symbol tattoos with evergreens are a great choice for siblings who love the great outdoors. furthermore, trees symbolize family structure in many cultures (ie family trees).

        6. older sister/younger sister

        7. sun and moon

        Are you and your sister perfectly complementary? then these sun and moon tattoos can be a nice idea.

        8. the vote

        9. years of birth

        To show your connection, write your birth years somewhere. go with your year or get the dates for all your siblings.

        10. an elephant never forgets

        11. birds of a feather

        Are you and your sister two birds of the same plumage that fly together? If so, you might fall in love with this alluring foot tattoo that incorporates feathers and the infinity symbol in addition to the “big sis” and “lil sis” labels.

        12. powerful sisters

        13. sequential points

        Do you have more than one sister? Sequential dot tattoos are simple and indicate what number you are in the family timeline. they are small but they have a lot of meaning.

        14. lighthouse and a sailboat

        15. one call away

        The concept of “call away” is a popular matching sister symbol tattoo. and when they’re together, it’s a fun topic of conversation. this option is for sisters who are truly best friends.

        16. puzzle piece sister

        17. more than a lifesaver

        this is creative! the traditional symbol of a heartbeat is merged with a heart or each sister’s name. You can also opt for a design like the one pictured that just features the word “sisters.”

        18. big sister/little sister quotes

        19. you are my person

        Do you and your sister love each other unconditionally? Are you always there for each other, no matter the time or the circumstances?

        Do you know that she will always have your back? if that describes your relationship, this “you’re my person” sister tattoo might fit the bill perfectly.

        20. great statement sister mountains

        21. I will be your anchor and your wings

        some sisters have different roles in the relationship. these complementary tattoos speak of couples in which one person is the “anchor” and the other is a “dreamer”.

        22. sister dove keys

        23. split flower mandala

        mandalas have a spiritual meaning for some people. for others, they are just pretty designs. but both groups can enjoy this split mandala sister tattoo. be sure to use an experienced body artist, to match perfectly.

        24. matching tattoo rings

        25. high five cats

        This pair of high five cats is the perfect tattoo for sisters who appreciate and understand the majesty of the feline.

        26. sister’s heart

        27. marikina (nesting) dolls

        This creative sister tattoo features marikina, also known as nesting dolls. usually the older sister gets the older one and the younger one gets the younger one. in families with more than two, the size depends on where you are in the birth order.

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        28. a compass house

        29. elephant greeting

        Elephants symbolize strength, luck, love and family. These two elephants greeting each other are a sentimental choice for pachyderm-loving sisters. Pro Tip: If you go this route, make sure your elephant trucks are upstairs; better luck.

        30. colorful calf sister

        31. one in the same

        Are you and your sister twins? if so, this matching sister tattoo can work. features two identical birds sitting on a branch and says “one in the same.”

        32. butterfly ties

        33. ring sisters connected

        understated simplicity can be elegant and may be the only tattoo option for people with certain careers. These two connected rings are lovely for those who take the minimalist tattoo route.

        34. warrior sisters of love

        35. the pod of two peas

        Do people call you and your sister “two peas in a pod”? If so, this clever tattoo would be a great representation of your bond.

        36. elegant flamingo sisters

        37. lifeline names

        This is a variation on the “lifeline” theme. but instead of a single word or phrase, each sister uses her name. you can also make two or more names if you want a long tattoo.

        38. sister birds in flight

        39. taking care of you

        Does your brother always take care of you, and you her? then this watchful eye tattoo can be the perfect emblem to symbolize your relationship.

        40. connected by the heart

        41. to infinity and beyond

        Are you willing to go above and beyond for your sister? To honor that commitment, consider inking these complimentary sayings on your arms.

        42. I love you so much

        43. pink infinite sister

        This delicate design is a twist on the infinity symbol that mimics the shape of an “s” with a rose at one end.

        44. carry your heart

        45. initials with a flower

        laverne and shirley wore sweaters with their first initials on them. you and your sister can get tattoos instead. design it how you want. this version is connected to a flower and it looks great.

        46. lightsabers brothers

        47. fractional sisters

        This idea is perfect for families with several sisters. mark where you fall on the timeline with one of these fractional tattoos.

        48. brother dna

        49. big and little cat sisters

        Another one for cat lovers (although the same idea can be done with dogs, rabbits, or any animal), this sister tattoo features a large cat for one sister and a small cat for the other.

        50. toasty sisters

        51. owl sisters

        Owls are another animal that has a special meaning for many people. This cute owl tattoo is great for two brothers who love flying wise men.

        52. protection arrows

        Sister tattoos are a great way to commemorate a sisterly relationship. first, weigh the pros and cons; then choose what is best for you. if you like, we hope our list of designs has generated some ideas of your own.

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