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the back has a big enough space to get creative. From small to large, from simple to complex, these back tattoos for women are works of art.

Back tattoos have been popular for a long time. And there are a couple of reasons why people love back tattoos.

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first, it has enough space for basically any design. Second, it can go small or large on the back, and the tattoo will still look stunning. a small ink on the shoulder blade, a full back tattoo or a spine tattoo, anything that complements one’s body and style can be put on the back.

Last but not least, it’s perfect for those who want more flexibility in displaying their tattoos. Do you want moderate exposure? an upper back tattoo plus a tank top will be perfect. if you’re going to hide it, better consider the lower back.

then if you’re getting your back inked, this collection of back tattoos for women is for you. From small to large, from color to black, from minimalist to sophisticated, you will find the designs that represent you.

what is a back tattoo and is it painful?

back tattoos are tattoos that are done on the back. but because the back is a large space, back tattoos can include the following sub-locations:

  • upper back tattoos
  • shoulder blade/tattoos on the back of the shoulder
  • tattoos on the back of the neck
  • tattoos on the spine
  • lower back tattoos
  • tattoos all over the back
  • Because the skin is thicker and has fewer nerves in the upper back, tattoos in this area generally cause less pain. Conversely, and conversely, spine tattoos or lower back tattoos can be more painful because the skin is thinner and more sensitive. so keep your sensitivity to pain in mind when choosing the location.

    Disclaimer: This collection of back tattoos for women is for inspiration only. please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow the artists and show them some support.

    bback tattoos for women with meaning

    dragon tattoos on the back

    Dragons have different symbolism between cultures. in the West, they are seen as evil and disastrous. however, they are a symbol of royalty and power in the east.

    Despite the meaning, her naturally elongated body and curvaceous silhouette fit vertically into the spine. that’s why the dragon makes perfect back tattoos for women.

    blue dragon tattoo on upper back


    This dragon outline tattoo has just enough detail to make it stand out on the skin. the tattooist could have painted the dragon completely black, but it would be too dark for the girls. drawing just the outline keeps it light and makes the blue pop even more.

    dragon and eagle tattoo on the entire back


    It takes courage to get a full back tattoo, especially for women. but this tattoo is so detailed it’s worth the risk.

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    butterfly tattoos on the back for women

    butterfly tattoos are common for women. They represent rebirth, transformation and the search for freedom. if you want something feminine, the following tattoos may be for you.

    butterfly tattoo and precious stones on the back


    A butterfly might not be the most original idea for a tattoo. but pairing it with a gemstone of the same color adds appeal. And because it’s a small nape tattoo, it’s likely to be less painful, making it ideal as a first tattoo.

    simple black and gray butterfly tattoo on the back


    There is beauty in symmetry. This butterfly back tattoo may look simple. but it’s so elegant because of the symmetrical design and just the right amount of embellishments. not too fancy, but not boring either.

    butterfly tattoo on the spine


    Because butterflies are naturally small, they are often not tattooed on the spine. but the tattoo artist highlights the design with straight vertical lines and elegantly stretches the tattoo.

    pink floral moon and butterfly on the back of the shoulder


    Adding the moon and flowers to a tattoo instantly makes it more feminine. and this is a good example. Tilda tattoo artist is very good at creating stunning butterfly and flower tattoos. she always finds a way to make these common elements unique. Check out our interview with her to find out more about her work.

    snake tattoos on the back for women

    Nowadays, to call someone a snake is to say that they are not trustworthy. but historically, snakes are considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth. They are even worshiped as sacred in Japan. so if you love snakes, don’t miss the following snake back tattoos for women.

    minimalist snake outline tattoo


    impressive black snake tattoo on the back


    blue snake and blood moon


    Dreamcatcher tattoos on the back for women

    Dreamcatchers are more than just beautiful decorations. are important to Native Americans.

    Dreamcatchers are usually seen as a protective amulet consisting of a round frame, spider web and beads. These dreamcatcher tattoos are for you if you resonate with meaning or are drawn to beauty.

    impressive dreamcatcher of roses and butterflies


    This is not quite a traditional dream catcher. instead, the tattooist replaces the round frame with a crescent moon and roses, creating a dreamy piece of art.

    butterfly dream catcher on the back


    This is a stunning and creative dream catcher tattoo. the tattoo artist adds a butterfly in the middle to add femininity and elegance. and the reflection of the golden frame plus the precious stone highlights the tattoo as if it were shining.

    koi fish tattoos on the back for women

    koi fish is a traditional symbol of wealth, strength, perseverance and success in Asian countries. This is why you may see people getting koi fish tattoos in large sizes, especially Japanese men. but the following koi fish tattoos are more delicate and suitable for women. scroll forward.

    black and red koi tattoo


    The double koi fish tattoo is not only aesthetically pleasing with the color contrast and perfect symmetry. It’s also a great back tattoo idea for pisces as your zodiac symbol.

    oriental koi tattoo on the shoulder blade


    The koi fish is often seen as an oriental symbol. combining it with the plum blossom elevates its oriental charm.

    yin yang koi tattoo on the spine for women


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    At first glance, this might look like a common back tattoo of a koi. but look closer and you’ll see that the fish on the left is darker than the one on the left, creating a subtle yin yang symbol.

    With the lotus flower on top, this tattoo reminds the wearer to always remain calm and balanced.

    botanical tattoo on the back


    Compared to flower tattoos, botanical tattoos like vines, leaves and branches may not attract the same attention. but they are subtle and significant.

    represent growth and life and are perfect for those who resonate with the symbolism. additionally, you can stretch the branch and align it in the center to create a well-balanced spine tattoo.

    oriental bamboo and sparrows


    Have you ever thought about putting an oriental painting on the back? this great back ink can give you an idea. In china, bamboo symbolizes longevity, perseverance and strength. and the sparrows give movement to the design and give it life.

    red spider lily back tattoo


    Most flower tattoos represent beauty, love or purity. but red spider lilies are different. they are considered the symbol of death, reincarnation and the afterlife.

    Despite its symbolism, the flower is very popular for its unique shape and blood-red color. consider a red spider lily for those who want a feminine but non-traditional flower tattoo on the back.

    rose tattoo on the back


    Red roses are a symbol of love and passion. they are beautiful and elegant, perfect for romantics. Whether big or small, it’s hard to go wrong with rose tattoos.

    tree of life tattoo on the back


    This tree tattoo on the back is not only beautiful but also meaningful. the four trees represent the four seasons. it creates a cycle of life and reminds us that time always moves forward. and the best thing we can do is live in the present and appreciate what we have.

    tree thorn tattoo


    Trees represent life and growth. it takes time for a tree to grow. but it stands the test of time for decades to come.

    People with tree tattoos like this are those who value persistence, patience, and the power of time.

    elephant tattoos on the back for women

    Elephants live in herds. they care about each other’s children and families. that is why they are the symbol of family love and protection and often appear in family tattoos.

    In addition to that, they are also loyal, trustworthy and peaceful. so if elephants are your spirit animal, don’t miss out on these elephant back tattoos.

    little mom and baby elephants


    elephant tattoo on the back of the shoulder


    bird tattoos on the back

    Birds represent freedom and hope. In some cultures, birds are seen as messengers between the earth and the sky. The following bird tattoos on the back are for those who value freedom and resonate with the symbolism of the bird.

    symmetrical birds


    hummingbird tattoo on the back


    elegant crane shoulder tattoo


    cranes represent longevity and elegance. In Taoism, cranes are often seen as a symbol of divinity. they represent those who are not bound by materials and have high moral standards and self-discipline.

    cross back tattoos for women

    As a Christian symbol, the cross often represents one’s religion. and cross tattoos work for those who want to wear their beliefs on their sleeve.

    Cross and cross tattoos are also versatile. they can be as simple as two intersecting straight lines. or you can add embellishments and patterns to suit your aesthetic. The following cross back tattoos for women do just that.

    small symbolic cross on the spine


    rose and cross on the neck


    vintage cross tattoo on the back


    girly floral cross tattoo on the lower back


    lotus column tattoo


    The lotus flower represents calm and zen in Buddhism and Hinduism. a lotus flower on the spine is a permanent reminder not to be disturbed in the face of chaos.

    back tattoo with undercover landscape


    Most landscape tattoos extend horizontally. But this is different. capture a part of a mountainous landscape to cover a quote tattoo on the spine.

    Although it is quite narrow, it contains all the elements usually found in a natural landscape: the mountains, the moon and the lake. and create a colorful and serene natural landscape.

    tattoo on the column of oriental pearl norigae


    A norigae is a traditional accessory for Korean women. it is part of traditional Korean attire and reflects the aesthetics of the wearer. For those from Korea, such a girly norigae spine tattoo will remind them of their root. if you’re from the east, check out these oriental tattoos!

    paper crane tattoo


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    Paper cranes are a classic of Japanese origami. represents good luck and best wishes. and that is why many give away paper cranes. This paper crane back tattoo may be small, but it carries the wearer’s hope for the future.

    realistic eye tattoo on the back


    The eye is the window of the soul. it is often the first thing we look at in a person. By doubling the pupil of the eye, this tattoo creates a visual impact that is sure to grab attention.

    blue abstract triangle tattoo on back


    blue moon tattoo on the back


    If you want to get a normal object tattooed, there are ways to make it unique. color is one of them.

    By painting the moon in blue and purple, tattoo artist eunyu makes the ordinary special. check out our interview with eunyu to see how she does it.

    cosmic whale tattoo on the back of the shoulder


    girly abstract line art tattoo


    A tattoo doesn’t need to be colorful or complex to be beautiful. and this tattoo on the back of the shoulder is a good example. the tattooist blends the real and the unreal with a semi-transparent moon and simple line art, creating a memorable piece.

    floral ornament tattoo on the back


    leo zodiac sign tattoo


    Many people are proud of their zodiac sign. And if you’re one of them, the back of the neck is a good place to show your pride, like this Leo tattoo.

    lion tattoo on the back


    adornment tattoo on the lower back


    rabbit tattoo on the back


    ribbon tattoo on the back of the shoulder


    little black burning heart


    This heart tattoo may be small, but it’s definitely a conversation piece. By painting the heart black, the tattoo artist adds a mysterious and dangerous feeling to it.

    Such a unique back tattoo can belong to someone you love with all your heart. but at the same time, this badass tattoo also means he’s someone you don’t want to mess with.

    small decorative tattoo on the back


    small simple ornament tattoo


    creation of adam


    toy story tattoo on the back


    It’s not uncommon to get cartoon character tattoos, especially when the characters remind you of a childhood memory or good quality. and the back has enough room for a striking, detailed piece like this.

    bold and impressive upper back tattoo

    The upper back includes the back of the neck or nape, the shoulder blades, and the area in between. it has such a large and flat space for artists to be creative. The following upper back tattoos really boost creativity.

    circus girl column tattoo


    This back tattoo for women reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. the girl hangs from a rope as she falls from the sky. and the rope that extends to her neck is a beautiful finishing touch.

    abstract pattern tattoo on upper back


    Not many people dare to get full back tattoos. it is a great statement and commitment. the following full back tattoos live up to the hype.

    reverse castle tattoo


    flower tattoo on the upper back


    Ornamental tattoo on the upper part of the back


    full back tattoos for women

    Not many people dare to get full back tattoos. it is a great statement and commitment. the following full back tattoos live up to the hype.

    stunning full back design


    abstract koi and crane full back tattoo


    abstract koi and crane full back tattoo


    Full back tattoos are not that common, not only because of the commitment it requires for the wearer. it is also a demanding task for the tattooist. In our interview with tattoo artist Vanessa, he talked about her fear of doing big pieces. It took her a long time to finish this full back floral tattoo. It was exhausting but at the same time rewarding. and became one of the most beloved tattoos of hers.

    black and gray flower tattoo


    Which of these back tattoos for women is your favorite?

    Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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