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good and bad are two sides of a coin, this is a man-made concept. such is the concept about hell and heaven too; this is a position of beauty where there will be no mess and no agony to persevere. many people like to believe that if they do good deeds they will go to heaven. this concept is very rare for many people, celestial tattoos symbolize such things.

best and stylish celestial tattoos:

There are many types of celestial tattoos. here are some ideas,

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1. stairway to heaven heavenly tattoo:

It is believed that there is a ladder that leads to the gates of heaven. these are long stairs that take you to the door. the heavenly stairway to heaven tattoo is shown on it. it’s more of a heavenly sleeve tattoo.

2. heaven and hell tattoo:

As I said, there is heaven and hell as well as good and evil. the heaven and hell tattoo is meant to show this. this heavenly tattoo is a symbol of both sides. they are the most colorful. sky chest tattoos are perfect for huge men.

3. heavenly angel tattoo:

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Angels are creatures from heaven. they are like symbols of the heavens. The angel from heaven tattoo is a smart choice for women. This celestial tattoo style looks great on the neck, back, or shoulder. they can be made colorful, it gives a better appearance to a full hand.

4. sinner and saint heavenly tattoo:

The sinner is someone who does anything bad. the opposite of the sinner is a saint. To maintain a realistic approach to death, the sinner and the saint are used to symbolize heaven and hell. heavenly sinner and saint tattoos are descriptions of this concept. This tattoo concept is perfect for sky tattoos on the arm.

5. heavenly gates tattoo:

The heavenly stairs lead us to the heavenly gates, which lead to paradise. heavenly gate tattoos have golden gates and stairs. it is a symbol that good deeds lead us to a good and happy ending. They are perfect for the shoulder area.

6. realistic celestial tattoo:

every tattoo artist wants the tattoo to look real. Realistic heavenly tattoos have real looking clouds and stairs. To make such a tattoo you have to go through a lot of pain as the artist does deep shading.

7. heavenly religious tattoo:

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The religious celestial tattoo has religious symbols. they change from one culture to another. it is above all the cross or the face of Christ. This symbolic celestial tattoo is often a source of controversy. they are mostly celestial sleeve tattoos due to their symbolic nature.

8. swedish celestial tattoo:

Swedish celestial tattoos are heavily inspired by Swedish culture. they are more realistic and true. they are mostly black and white with deep shadows. this celestial tattoo style is done by all and only swedes.

9. heavenly dove tattoo:

The dove is a symbol of peace and happiness. heaven is the happiest place to be. So, the dove is often used in the heavenly tattoo. The celestial dove tattoo is a simple type of tattoo. they show pigeons flying freely towards the clouds.


Celestial tattoos are not the very famous type of tattoo, but for those who truly believe in heaven and hell; these tattoos are very close to them. speaking of Christian conviction, heaven occupies a very unusual place among people. People believe that paradise is the reward of a legitimate and honest life and showing such conviction through a tattoo is very common these days due to its reasonable approach. this tattoo is comfortable for spiritual or non-spiritual people.

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